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 Weird things that have happened to you

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PostSubject: Weird things that have happened to you   Sun Dec 20, 2015 10:38 pm

Just weird, random things that have happened to you that made you stare blankly for a couple of seconds and contemplate life. Just make sure the stories follow the chat rules.

One time maybe like 5 years ago, it was a Sunday morning I think at like 7am in the summer and my mom woke me up and was like "Come here look outside!" and so I went to the living room and looked out the window and there was a peacock walking across my front yard???? I live in the middle of a 250k+ population city where the flip did the peacock come from. I think the peacock went into my backyard because we ended up finding a peacock feather in my backyard and my cat likes to roam around my backyard and I guess chased the peacock off. Idk I was just like where????? How??????


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Weird things that have happened to you
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