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 Sans's commissions and coloring

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PostSubject: Sans's commissions and coloring   Sat Jan 02, 2016 8:02 am

Hello! welcome to my commissions panel! :>

I will color anything, poses, linearts or just anything really!

here's the prices for coloring (deltas only)

Simple poses - simple characters are 0.05Δ, complex characters are 0.07Δ
Medium poses - simple 0.07Δ, complex 0.10Δ
Difficult poses - simple 0.10Δ, complex 0.20Δ
Reference sheets - 0.50Δ
coloring includes trimming for loose pixels, sizing, flipping and shading if needed.

I also make designs! here are some prices (again, deltas only)

Simple Designs - will be around 0.50Δ - 0.70Δ depending on what you would like
Moderate Designs - 0.80Δ - 0.90Δ
Difficult/Complex Designs - 1.00Δ - 1.50Δ
examples are listed at the bottom of this post

Now for commissions

Headshots - 0.30Δ
Busts - 0.50Δ
Halfbody - 0.80Δ
Fullbody - 1.00Δ
Pixel - 0.70Δ
examples are below vvvvv

heres the link for examples of everything

Thank you for reading!
Deltas go to Sansational if you wish to purchase
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Sans's commissions and coloring
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