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 Uncolored traditional sketches -closed-

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Uncolored traditional sketches -closed- Empty
PostSubject: Uncolored traditional sketches -closed-   Uncolored traditional sketches -closed- EmptyMon Jan 11, 2016 11:02 pm

i need to increase my art  skillz so please send me your canine, feline, and hooman characters. probably won't be able to do any other species. ;[ will be my choice of either a headshot, bust, or fullbody (including expressions + positions) unless you specify.
can see examples of my work here: http://kairos.forumotion.com/t119-cal-s-stuffs-and-thangz

Also there'll be better lighting than the examples above ^

So yeah. thanks and have a bootyful day.

ALSO PLS NO SUPER COMPLICATED CHARACTERSZ, because I'll just end up butchering them if I even try to draw them.

Uncolored traditional sketches -closed- Kit_x_10Uncolored traditional sketches -closed- Sosxso10 Uncolored traditional sketches -closed- Ohipix10
art not by me
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Uncolored traditional sketches -closed-
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