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Ahoy! Empty
PostSubject: Ahoy!   Ahoy! EmptyThu Oct 06, 2016 12:03 pm

Hi! My name is Jon!
I am a Gender fluid Male Who is currently living my bestfriend/boyfriend of 8 years.
I am known as Mushi-Gushi,DorkyKing, And Apex.
I am a self taught furry/Anime artist who basically lives for art. If you would like to see my art, You could always PM me or Ask me on chat! I am also open for Commissions! which I will be putting up soon (7 day wait /sweats)
If you ever want to know me more, Just sniff me!
But most of all..
I am looking for new friends to talk to so if you see me, Don't be afraid to say Hi! Smile

Ahoy! Drawn_by_zkno_by_mushi_gushi-daq2dgv
(c)Drawn by ZKNO
DorkyKing and Apex on Chatlands
F.A.Q //Commissions//DA
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