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PostSubject: Borf   Borf EmptyThu Oct 06, 2016 5:35 pm

Heya! I'm Birdie! You may know me as either Hibiya or Seiun. I stick around CPI as Hibiya and work on Estrela Errante as Seiun!
I'm 16 years old, turning 17 in January. I live off in Ontario, Canada and like to draw, read, write, and typically keep to myself. I'm not really big on big social events or large crowds.
I'm in the 11th grade and take part in things such as Eco club and typically standing up for the LGBTQA+ community by taking part in little things organized by the pride committee in my city. Needless to say I'm probably the gayest boy in my city.
Instead of having an actual job like most people my age, I tackle commissions as a way of income. Sure it isn't steady but it's something I love doing and I still make a decent profit from it all.

If you wanna talk to me, hit me up! I'm open for PMs over the forums or over on Kairos as Birdie. You might also be able to find me on Estrela Errante or CPI if you look hard enough.
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