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 Command Cheats

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PostSubject: Command Cheats   Command Cheats EmptyFri Oct 07, 2016 11:30 am

These command cheats work for all Chatlands!

!insert text here!
This creates a text bubble that looks as though you're yelling.

< b >insert text here< / b >
(Without spaces)
This gives you bold text.

< i >Insert text here< / i >

(Without spaces)
This creates italic text.

< u >Insert text here< / u >
(without spaces)
This creates underlined text.

(Insert text here)
This creates a thought bubble of text.

!go map/mysts/poses/uploader/forums

Using this command will direct you to either the forums, the map, the mysts, or the uploader (!go poses works with this too).

!away (insert message here)
You can put an away message that appears on the top of your avatar. You must have a standard subscription or over to use this command.
You can also add colour to your away message by adding #*insert colour here*
Example: !away Drawing #blue

This clears you away message, although typing the command !away works too.

This clears your chat logs. This command comes useful if someone has spammed and has broken your scroll.

!deltas (!balance)
This command allows you to see your delta balance. Once typing it out, it shows up in your chat box.

This command brings up the sites FAQ in another tab.

This command allows you to edit the information of the room you are in. You must have admin rights to the room. This does not work in public rooms.

!face l or r
This command changes what way your avatar is facing.
l= Left
r= Right

!friend *insert user here*
This command allows you to friend a user. This only works if you have a preferred subscription or higher.
Example: !friend Ren

This command brings up the list of commands that can be typed out. Reminder that this command is outdated and doesn't show the new commands.

!ignore *User here*
This will allow you to ignore a user. This doesn't work on Admins.
Example: !ignore Birdie

This command locks your screen so no one can chat for you while you are away from the keyboard. The only way to unlock your screen is to type in your password.

This allows you to send a message to another user. It opens up another tab.

!me *insert message here*
This command creates a blue piece of text that will only show up in the chat logs.
Example: !me likes eating.

This command allows you to toggle the usernames in the room you are in.
For example, if you type !names, the usernames in the room won't show under the avatar.

This switches the chat client to the new one. Mind you, it was never finished and has many bugs.

This switches you back to the old client if you are using the new one. This is the client Okina Yoso and other Chatlands currently run on.

!pmsg *username* *Message here*
This sends a message to another user without having to open another tab.
Example: !pmsg Castiel How are you doin'?

!pose *Pose name*
This switches you to a pose without having to click yourself.
Example: !pose run

This command allows you to exit and close the Chatland.

This adds either a rain effect or snow effect to the chat.

!roominfo (!sniffroom)
This command allows you to see all the sniffs or profiles of every user in the room you are in. Warning that it may lag you.

!sniff *Insert username*
This allows you to sniff a user without clicking them. It also helps if you are editing your sniff and want to see if something worked.
Example: !sniff Seiun

This allows you to transfer deltas to another user by opening the transfer page in another tab.

!unignore *insert username*
This allows you to unignore a user.
Example: !unignore Birdie

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Command Cheats
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