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 Let's Color! (Taking Requests)

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Let's Color! (Taking Requests) Empty
PostSubject: Let's Color! (Taking Requests)   Let's Color! (Taking Requests) EmptySun Jan 08, 2017 12:59 am

Hey everyone!

Since we have Free Subs going on, I thought I'd offer to do some coloring free of charge. Smile

All that I need is: 1.) A link to the pose you wanna use, 2.) A character ref or brief description of how you want it to be colored.

- The link you provide must show that the pose is free to use or that you have permission to use it. (If you're unsure about a pose ask me or an ART Member about it.)
- A character ref is not required, however if you own one it'll help! Otherwise, you may provide a short description of how you want the pose to be colored.
- Be sure to include colors for clothing, accessories, and markings if it applies.
- Alternatively, if you're unsure how you want it to be colored I may be able to give some suggestions.

Time frame for completion can be as little as an hour or up to a day, it varies by how complex the request is and how many requests are ahead of yours.

In any case I'll keep you updated if there are any problems.

Once I've completed coloring I'll message you to show the outcome, if it is to your liking I'll go on to Resize/Scale and Mirror it.

If anyone is interested please copy/paste and fill out this form below as a Reply:

I'd like something colored!
[b]Link to the Pose I wanna use:[/b]
[b]Character Ref/ Description:[/b]
[b]Other Info/Comments (Optional):[/b]

If you prefer, you may also send your request through a PM or talk to me on Chats.

Feel free to ask any questions as well!

Thanks for reading. ^^

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so don't you start to bury the good with the bad, and the ugly."
- Colony House

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Let's Color! (Taking Requests)
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