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 How to Suggest an Idea.

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PostSubject: How to Suggest an Idea.   Sun Aug 24, 2014 6:58 pm

It's not enough to just come in and say 'this place ought to have such-and-such! It would be soo cool!' If you really want your idea to be considered you have to give us a bit of meat to work our mental teeth on.

1. State your idea clearly and fully so there's no misunderstanding of what you are trying to convey. It doesn't look good when the original poster has to go back on their thread and explain over and over again how their notion(s) would work.

2. Explain how it would benefit the game. (If it doesn't improve anything then why should it be implemented? Just because 'it would be sooo cool!' won't do it.)

3. Describe both Pros and Cons. There cannot be an item, event or activity that will do nothing but give a player money without something negative to balance it all out. That would make the idea very boring very quickly. Let's keep that element of 'what's gonna happen now??' in the game Smile

4. Remember that this is a Suggestion Board and other players have a right to express their approval/disapproval/opinions/suggestions to improve said idea. We're not here to bash, just to try to see how your idea would work. We love this site and do not want anything to come along to screw it up or change it beyond recognition Wink

5. Check to see if your suggestion was already suggested.This also includes variations of your idea. If it's too similar to another's then why clog up the boards with more of the same?

Hopefully this helps you suggest ideas.


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How to Suggest an Idea.
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