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 Art Fight

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PostSubject: Art Fight   Mon Aug 25, 2014 2:30 am

The Art-Fight is a digital art based game that is intended for express the creativity and fun that the users have along the site. When and if you join the game, you will be assigned a team.. I believe this could be an annual thing. Every time an Art Fight Starts, there will be two teams based on a theme. For example, Smiles vs. Frowns, Zombies vs. Hunters, Canines vs. Felines

Once you have signed up and joined a team, you can then browse the list of members of the opposite team. Each player will have a profile page that lists there attacks, any attacks against them, their points and a list of their characters. You can pick a character from the player you want to attack and draw it in whatever style you choose, but we recommend going with the theme. Once your art is complete, you can submit the attack to the player. This will give you points. Each time you make an attack, you will get more points. Points can also be given by the community at large. Each person will be able to vote on your art. If they like it, you will get more points. Making better art will get you more points in the long run!

Everytime you get attacked or submit an attack, your battle ratio will change. Battle ratio is the amount of art recieved vs given. People will a higher battle ratio are more likely to be a target to the other team. This is because each team will have a 'suggested player' on their attack page. Higher battle ratio gives you a greater chance on landing on this page. Also, the votes from people with a higher battle ratio are worth more than points of those with a lower battle ratio.

Each players point will count towards the team total. After the game is over, the points are tallied and the team with the highest number of points is the winner of that years Art Fight!


How do I attack a specific player?
If you navigate to the members page, you can either search for the player directly or click on the team name to view members of that team. Open their profile page and click the 'attack' button.

How are points determined?

Each attack you make will give you a certain amount of points. The person receiving the points will then be able to rate the art. More points will be given to you depending on their rating as well as the players battle ratio

Why do my points keep changing?
Points are given in 3 different instances.

When you make an attack
When your opponent rates your attack
When a community member rates your attack
These things will make your points move up and down throughout the day.

What do we win? Do we win deltas?
No. Deltas are not at all used in this game. The winners recieve a title of "Champions/Winner of [Enter year Here]'s Art Fight" and all the FREE art you've recieved as attacks.

What is "Battle Ratio"?
Your battle ratio is much art you have submitted compared to how much art you have received. The more art you submit, the higher your battle ratio will be!

Can we buy art and use it to attack?
No. We would prefer that everything was created by the user making the attack. This is to inspire fun and creativity!

Is traditional art allowed?


What is "Rating" and why should I do it?
The rating page will show you a random piece of art. You can vote if you like it or not. If you like it, the owner will get more points. This is available to everybody, even if you're not participating in the fight!

How do I join a team?
Before or After the Art Fight started you will have to message a staff member whom is WORKING with the Art Fight to add you to a team.

Can I attack the same person over and over, or do I have to attack different people?
While we suggest connecting with as many people as possible, there is no restriction on who you attack, or how many players you attack. Keep in mind that you'll get less points for attacking the same target multiple times.

Do I attack people with MY characters?
You should be attacking people by drawing THEIR characters! By attacking other people with your own characters, you're essentially giving away your fursonas, OCs and characters to someone else. They become the owner of your character, they have the rights to it. I highly suggest you start deleting those attacks if you've been giving away your characters!

Remember, all Copyright and Chatlands ART rules apply.

This "Art Fight" was founded on the site Furry-Paws.com and is welcomed to be used elsewhere.

Here comes the BOOM.
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PostSubject: Re: Art Fight   Mon Aug 25, 2014 11:21 am

While this sounds like it could be an interesting idea, I can already see a couple problems right off the bat. First of all, the fact that people's art can be "rated" for more points, even by non-players, can feed favoritism, and while it is true that people will inevitably have favorites when it comes to art, this can create animosity among the users when their art isn't getting rated/or is being rated poorly. I'm not sure how the rating system would work, but I'm assuming the artist wouldn't be seeing who rated their work, otherwise that could lead to fights as to "why did you rate me so poorly". While I don't mind the whole "for free" aspect, since I do enjoy doing games like this, there are many artists out there who wouldn't want to play if all they win by the end of the game is a mere title, but that's also to be determined, to a point, by how often a new game happens and how quickly they pass.
Do not get me wrong, here, I think this is a really neat idea, and I kinda am reminded of the Secret Santa art trades, which I do love, and try to participate in when I can. I can just see how, in its current design, this could actually turn users away through actual fighting over ratings and such. I'm not saying it's a bad idea, I really do like it, I just think a couple changes could be made to make this game much more inviting and rewarding, instead of its current state where I can see it turning pretty ugly.

Miss Tysinni Voladea, at your service. Smile
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PostSubject: Re: Art Fight   Mon Aug 25, 2014 3:20 pm

You're right. I was thinking about that as I typed out this info sheet.

Here comes the BOOM.
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PostSubject: Re: Art Fight   

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Art Fight
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