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 This Miss Is Open (Commission!)

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PostSubject: This Miss Is Open (Commission!)   Fri Aug 29, 2014 7:20 pm

Boopadoop it's happening.

Miss Tysinni is officially open for commissions!
Alright now here's the breakdown, examples follow at end of post.

pixels/DA Icons $0.50/1 delta : OPEN
Sketches $1/2 deltas : OPEN
Forum Avatars $2/3 deltas : OPEN
Poses $5/7 deltas - DEAL get a "pose set" of 5 for just $15/20 deltas!: OPEN
Reference Sheets/OC's $8/10 deltas : OPEN
I'm sorry! I have the ability to, it just takes way more time than I would like, so I'm not offering those right now.

I request that payment is sent before I finish the piece. If I am unable to complete your commission for any reason, I will refund full price, thanks!
Payment Methods:

1.Terraspirit- double pixel (paid and in progress)


Please allow at least 3 days turnaround time! I can not work on commissions on Sunday or Monday in most cases. Thanks!

Miss Tysinni Voladea, at your service. Smile
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This Miss Is Open (Commission!)
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