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 13+ and up Rules

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PostSubject: 13+ and up Rules   Mon Jun 22, 2015 9:07 pm

All Ages rooms rules remain the same,

Quote :
"You are able to use a couple of the lighter words a few times in all ages rooms. Do not swear AT people. Excessive swearing can get you kicked from a room and/or banned in all ages rooms. In 13+ chat rooms some 'heavier' words are allowed, although you are never permitted to swear at a user in a harmful way, or even at admins. This is looked upon as being disrespectful, and you will be given one warning."

13+ and higher rooms are also allowed the words,
Language Warning:
The F word is not permitted in rooms 13+ - 15+ but can be used when the majority of the word is "bleeped" out and only the F is shown such as, F***, F&*^ etc.
In 16+ rooms and higher the F word is allowed but not in excess or towards anyone.


Message me in chat if you need assistance.
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13+ and up Rules
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