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 Pose Set Credits! (Check for updates)

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PostSubject: Pose Set Credits! (Check for updates)   Thu Nov 17, 2016 5:59 am

African Wild Dog: Muskeg

Calico rabbit: Shimauma-Ushi (Deviantart)

Caracal: Rajani (http://rajasgarden.weebly.com/free.html)

Coyote: Galagya

Culpeo: AethonGryphon (Deviantart)

Dingo: Muskeg

Dredge Wolf: the--REPULBIC (Deviantart)

Fennec: Blueflamewolf

Genada: DespicableCrowButt (Deviantart)

Highlander Cat: Muskeg

Jackal: Cobweb

Mouse: liokat (Deviantart)

Owl: Rajani (http://rajasgarden.weebly.com/free.html)

Red Fox: Saebre

Sheep: SkylarGame (Deviantart)

Snake: anaseIa (Deviantart)

Snow Leopard: DeliriouStudios (Deviantart)

Spotted Hyena: DespicableCrowButt (Deviantart)

Tabby: Maytitan

Tuxedo Kitten: MooiLeven (Deviantart)

Wolf: Chenneoue


Message me in chat if you need assistance.
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Pose Set Credits! (Check for updates)
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